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Asthma & Bangalore asthmatics - chaos documented..

About Asthma & Bangalore asthmatics

Previous Entry Asthma & Bangalore asthmatics Dec. 7th, 2008 @ 08:12 pm Next Entry
I just created a group for Bangalore Asthmatics.
The group is meant to enable sharing of experiences, remedies and advise from folks who suffer or have suffered from this ailment.
If you are / were suffering from Asthma in Bangalore, do join in.

My own asthma story is specific to Bangalore:
Whenever I am travelling, whether it is to Jaipur, Hyderabad or to the US, I am relieved of my Asthma for as long as I am out of Bangalore.

The day I land in Bangalore, My asthma kicks in again.

Does anybody else face a similar situation?

My Father-in-law just moved in from Mumbai & he faced a similar problem. He'd never had asthma / wheezing ever in his life, but as soon as he moved in with us he had pronounced and regular wheezing.

He recently moved into his apartment in Indiranagar and has not had wheezing ever since.
This to me is incentive enough to try changing stuff.

I stay in Koramangala.

It could be anything from the furniture in my apartment, flora that grows in & around my apartment complex or the air in & around Koramangala. I am going to start changing things, will probably start by going & staying with my father in law in Indiranagar for a week & if I am fine there, perform

I understand that my allegy would most likely be specific to me, but knowing that ~30% Bangaloreans suffer from Asthma, I am hoping I will find patterns that match mine.
Can I look for any particular kind of plant/flora that might be growing around where I stay, which could be the cause?

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Date:December 12th, 2008 09:07 am (UTC)

Eucalyptus Oil

I don't know about asthma. The moment I step in bangalore I used to get sinusitis. But few months back I started inhaling eucalyptus oil. Some people put few drops into boiling water and later inhale steam vapours that carry it's scent. I do it maybe for 1 minute a day when I sense it . . and it's been great.
Date:December 16th, 2008 11:31 am (UTC)


May I suggest you to try out "Neti" kriya in Yoga? I have known a couple of friends who say thay have gottena "new life" once they started Neti.

To learn more on Neti;

For bangalore, you should go to Bihar school of Yoga center in Banashankari.
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