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It is easy to point finger on others but takes courage to accept our mistakes and correct our own se - chaos documented..

About It is easy to point finger on others but takes courage to accept our mistakes and correct our own se

Previous Entry It is easy to point finger on others but takes courage to accept our mistakes and correct our own se Dec. 4th, 2008 @ 05:46 pm Next Entry

Just received an email from a friend Arun, and I think it puts things in much better perspective than most things I have read recently.
In a time when we seek solutions from the government & blame countries & religions, its good to pause & look within ...

With his permission, here is the email:
It is easy to point finger on others but takes courage to accept our mistakes and correct our own self.

Latest Mumbai attacks, Mr. Raj Thakery's movement in Maharashtra, Orissa riots, No proper aid during Bihar floods (PM offered INR 100 crores for this cause, but not sure how much really reached the victims), series of blast carried out across India from Bangalore to Ahmedabad and the list never ends. These are the biggest crises situations, in fact our system also failed in terms of providing our forces with better and latest equipments (our police force still stuck with 303 rifles and the Mumbai police was provided with the defective bullet proof jackets), the infrastructure like roads, electricity, water, education and again the list never ends. Our ministers who are so called public servants, gives unhealthy remarks for the martyr's family and to the public. If it's one or two ministers, they can be replaced but I think once again, this list also never ends. Looking at the fate of others that happened with Home Minister, Maharashtra CM, Maharashtra Deputy CM and Kerela CM, other's stay mum because they don't want to loose their positions otherwise they are also in the same category. Our country is being slaughtered and this seems like a total disaster and failure of our system.

BUT, we should think before we point any finger towards them, Do they eat or drink something different than what we do? Are they getting educated in a different system than what we do? Are they brought up in a different culture than what we do? Don't they cry when their dear ones are lost? Don't they have feeling? Don't they fear death? Etc...

NO, they are same as what we are. They are one of us. Even if we would have been at their position, situation would not have changed. Others would point finger towards us.

Today media shouts "Enough is enough" and government should take an action but we don't realize that who is responsible for this?

Blaming the system is an easy way to exonerate ourselves, which is completely unacceptable. WE are equal participants in the democratic setup.

Little away from the topic but I feel and believe that WE need to understand that WE are responsible for all, that has happened to us.

What have WE done?
Did WE elect wrong politicians?
But there aren't any responsible leaders that WE can elect?
What should WE do now?
How can WE improve the system?
What can WE contribute to the system?

When WE look at the above questions at an individual level, WE might be lost somewhere to find answers to it. But YES, that's the truth. I repeat, WE are responsible for this total disaster and failure of our system.


Because WE've been irresponsible at sometime or other during the course of our life. WE are equally responsible for this corrupt system which gave us total failure. Shortcuts and compromises have become a way of life. There's little point seeking change as a nation when individually each person thinks no further than his own well-being. WE have not done our job as a responsible citizen of our country. WE don't think about the inconvenience we might cause to others with our actions. WE are self-centered and equally selfish as our leaders are. Why choose the right way when it can be my way? Our leaders reflect our myopic vision. They neither have vision nor leadership. Do WE? Can WE inspire each other? Can WE even inspire our own family members to live life a particular way? The answer is a resounding NO.

Somewhere, perhaps, in this soul-searching as a nation, WE need to realize that WE first need to transform (not change) ourselves. Change is a mere tinkering with the our own self.


WE take bribe which leads to loop-holes in our system/laws/policies. When WE become irresponsible, it's then that government or system has to come out with laws, which are acceptable by some and not-acceptable by others. WE don't follow rules due to which WE end up paying huge money as bribe. WE decide to augment our ill-gotten wealth by bribing the officer instead of paying our taxes honestly, which leads in huge amount of black money, WE drink and drive which leads into accidents causing deaths which I think will be really higher than what happened in latest Mumbai attack, WE make duplicate medicines and WE flow them in the market which causes so many innocent deaths, WE try to pay bribe to the serviceman to come out with huge luggage from customs, WE don't obey traffic rules, WE try to show our power at different level to break rules, WE don't allow police to do their job by obstructing them in some or other form, WE try to break the queue at every place because WE have to show our power, WE don't care for others inconvenience and the list is endless, but just check, WE probably did one of these things today.

I can guarantee that every one of us has sometime or other done something irresponsibly and most of us are doing it today also. Then why blame the system?? Why blame the government?? Why blame the politicians?? Because WE are responsible for this system/government/politicians. Be true to yourself and think over it.

Corruption is the biggest form of irresponsibleness, which is eating our system every single minute and WE are the ones who promote it either on a small scale or a larger scale.

Must come from each one of us and our actions. To begin with on a higher level,

It's not the time to sleep, but time to wake up because it already too late.

If WE become responsible and WE act responsibly, I believe that WE can make a difference. Nobody is perfect in this world but it's WE who have to come together and unite at this moment and eliminate our irresponsible acts.

1) Say NO to corruption, of any kind. Offer no bribes, take none either. Report such activities. Responsibility brings with it accountability. Let's not take our rights and privileges for granted while forgetting our obligations and liabilities;

2) Make accountability of all responsibilities / obligations given to all government authorities mandatory, akin to the private sector;

3) Ensure transparency. Let independent agencies be appointed as concurrent auditors to check public spending;

4) Establish and ensure swift, fast-track courts / tribunals to take action on complaints regarding corruption, dereliction of duty, etc.;

5) Establish special fast-track courts to deal with terrorism, with a maximum time limit of 90 days to consider the matter and deliver a verdict. The verdict of the said fast-track court should be final and binding and no appeal should lie either to the High Court / Supreme Court therefrom. Further, make execution of sentence, if any given by the fast-track court, mandatory within 30 days from the date of passing the order. Delays produce Kandahars. WE don't need them.

6) Ensure highest penalty and gravest punishment for any form of corruption;

7) Withdraw, with immediate effect, all unnecessary privileges to leaders across all political parties, including security, VIP movement, cavalcade of cars, etc, or any form of wasteful public expenditure;

8) Divert commandos freed from protecting politicians to protect citizens and to impart training to youth voluntarily at the local level;

9) Make rigorous physical training a continuous exercise for the entire police force on a daily basis. Equip them with the latest machines / weaponry required for the purpose;

WE must not forget, even momentarily, that our leaders are also our law-makers. Intense public pressure alone can perhaps bring new legislations and action in place. Let's do it!

WE should have the spirit that WE will make the difference.

I salute the martyrs and to all those who have been doing their jobs very responsibly and saved so many life.

Thanks for reading this. Now is the time to take an action and be responsible.



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Date:December 4th, 2008 02:00 pm (UTC)

Very true

It's our failure, govt in a democracy is nothing but representatives of the citizens. Our politicians reflect our society.

There is a small town in MP, called Narsinghgarh where I have spent my childhood. It was such a small town that I knew more than 70% of ppl by face even as a kid. Now it is said SIMI activists who planted bombs in Bangalore & Ahmedabad stayed in this town for some time. It just mean we either failed to recognize terrorist among us or were hiding them. Probably it meant that we were afraid of dealing with Police & other authorities. But in whole, we all failed.

We should be more helpful, alert and probably its the right time we take good representatives in the parliament, make them accountable.

BTW, the Lok Partian, the party from IITians broke up into two. You know the reason - one leader was asking to be made the state president because he got some hundred votes more than the other leader.

Date:December 4th, 2008 05:59 pm (UTC)

Its time for us to make a Diff

We've debated about it. We've dissected it. We've cribbed about it. We've cursed the politicians. We've slammed the capitalists. We've pointed accusatory fingers at the farmers. We've made sweeping statements about how it's all going to the mongrels, and even blamed the British.
But somewhere in the midst of all the vindictive digs and the parlour jokes, there is one little thing that we forgot.
We forgot our responsibilities as citizens.
This is our Country. It's up to us to a initiate a change for a better India. To day make a stand for the Nation. Make a difference.
Date:December 9th, 2008 05:57 am (UTC)
You must have heard this a lot: You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
As long as you say, we must do something instead of saying I will do something, nothing will change.
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